Don’t Lose Your Freedom Due to an Arrest | Nashville Bail Bonds

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If there is one thing that people like, it is the having the ability to make their own choices. Everyone loves having the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want. This is why getting arrested is so unanimously hated. No one likes to lose their freedom. So, when people get arrested, they do […]

Did You Plan On Getting Arrested?

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No one ever wakes up with a plan to go out and get arrested. Yet, thousands of people are arrested every single day in Tennessee alone. If you happen to know someone who was unfortunate enough to get arrested, there is something you can do for him or her. You can talk to a professional […]

What Documents Do I Need Before Starting the Bail Process?

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One of the first things we’re asked when it comes to bail is what documents we need before we can start the process. You’ll be surprised to learn that we don’t require a lot of documentation and it’s things you can quickly locate. The first thing we’ll need is a picture ID. We need the […]

Can I Travel While I’m Out on Bail

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Being out on bail means that you’re out of jail but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free to do whatever you want. How much your life changes depends on the specific restrictions the court has placed on you and your usual lifestyle. For example, if you’re the type of person who usually only goes to […]

What Happens During and After the Booking Process?

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The booking process is what happens after a person was just arrested. This process involves a series of procedures the defendant goes through in order to be properly and formally documented into the system; this is when the official arrest record is created. The booking process is standard procedure for all defendants, and there is […]

Struggling to Make Bail? Check Out Tennessee Bail Bonds Flexible Payment Program.

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Most people don’t plan on getting arrested and even fewer people have thought to set aside bail money when they were planning their budget. Most of us are living from paycheck to paycheck and only just managing to make ends meet. That means when you are arrested, even a relatively small amount of bail seems […]

Understanding Your Rights Following Your Arrest in Tennessee


Getting arrested in Tennessee is terrifying. Many people are so overwhelmed and confused that they don’t fully understand what their rights are. That’s why the police recite the Miranda Rights when they make an arrest. The Miranda Rights clearly lay out all the things you can choose not to do once you’ve been arrested. One […]

The Right to Remain Silent in Tennessee


One of the very first things you’re told when you’re arrested in Tennessee is that you have the right to remain silent. It’s very clearly stated during the Miranda Rights which will be recited to you every single time you’re arrested. In nearly all situations, taking advantage of your right to remain silent really is […]

The Difference Between Bail and Probation/Parole

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A surprising number of clients we deal with understand that a bail bond helps them get out of jail, which it does, but they also seem to think that the bail bond also means that they are on probation or parole. That’s not the case at all. Probation and parole are connected to your sentence. […]

Considering a Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Card? Think Again

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Everyone has an opinion about the COVID-19 vaccination options. Some people have opted to ignore the entire debate and simply purchase a fake Covid-19 vaccination card. This card “proves” that you were vaccinated against the virus and will therefore be granted admittance to places that only allow vaccinated individuals. If you’re considering purchasing a fake […]