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What Happens if You Have Arrest Warrants in Multiple Counties

Sometimes things get out of hand and start snowballing until one day you discover that there isn’t just one bench warrant out for your arrest but multiple bench warrants have been issued. Making the matter even more complicated is that there are multiple counties involved.

While having arrest warrants in multiple counties might seem like a massive headache to you, the good news is that this happens often enough that Tennessee’s court systems have gotten pretty good at handling the situation. The even better news is that they will handle all the logistics. You simply have to make sure you are in the correct courthouse at the correct time.

While each case is unique, the way it usually works is that the county that you’re arrested in gets to handle your case first. While you’re in custody in that county’s jail, the other counties involved will put a hold on you. That means that when you’re released from one county jail, the other county will send someone to pick you up. It actually works pretty smoothly.

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Depending on the charges you’re facing, the number of counties involved, and the restriction some judges place on bail, the multiple warrants in multiple counties could make getting a bail bond complicated. Your best course of action is contacting Alcoa Bail Bonds. We’ve dealt with situations like this in the past and are ready to do so again. Not only will we work closely with you, but we also have contacts in other counties who will help us learn the exact terms of your bail, how much money you’ll need to cover our fee, and how many different jails are involved. We’ll relay the information to you.

The benefits of working with Alcoa Bail Bonds include:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been arrested in one Tennessee county or if you have arrest warrants in multiple counties, Alcoa Bail Bonds is standing by and ready to offer as much assistance as you need. Feel free to take advantage of our free bail bond consultation.

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